Free Website Malware Scanner

8 Best Free Website Malware Scanners

Malware insurgence has been exponentially growing over the years. They fraudulently infect systems to destabilize operations. Cybersecurity experts work round the clock to counter the threats through malware scanners, antiviruses and antimalware.

Internet is the greatest source of these malware problems, and several free website malware scanners are available to curb the threats. They comb the entire website looking for any malicious activities or files. Below is a list of some of the best free website malware scanners;

Free Website Malware Scanner
  1. Comodo Web Inspector Scanner

    It is a free website malware scanner. The tool scans your website for different vulnerabilities that cybercriminals exploit to affect websites. It incorporates advanced scanning and monitoring technologies that run the software as a service. It triggers events at both browser and the server sides to scan for infections from both ends.

    To run Comodo Web Inspector scanner, fill in the site address at the search box. The scanning process commences immediately.

    Some of the major threats identified are;

    • Distributed denial of service attack (DDoS)
    • Different malware types
    • Data security breaches
    • Website defacement
    • Spam emails and links
  2. Quttera

    Quttera is another excellent free website scanner. It targets websites running on platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Bulletin, SharePoint and Joomla.

    After completing the scanning process, Quttera provides you with an in-depth report with your website information such as;

    • Blacklist status
    • Malicious and suspicious files
    • Potentially harmful files
    • Clean/safe files
    • External links present
    • A list of blacklisted links and iframes on your site
  3. SiteGuarding

    The SiteGuarding’s website scanning feature crawls and spots any malicious software and backdoors. The tool maintains an up to date database to ensure it can detect even the newest malware strains. Some of the possible threats and vulnerabilities that SiteGuarding tries to identify include;

    • Spam blacklists
    • IPs issues
    • Local and external JavaScript files
    • Backlist status.
  4. Sucuri

    It is one of the best and widely used security solutions for websites. The tool scans websites from different platforms, including WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc. You can be allowed to use the available free malware scan version if your site is in any of the following states.

    • If malware is detected
    • Presence of injected spam
    • Your site has suffered defacement
    • Major blacklist against sites such as McAfee, Norton, Google etc.
  5. In case your website has been infected and you want assistance with restoration, you can consider going for the paid professional version.

  6. Astra Security

    Astra Security has both a free and paid Website malware scanner. The free version scans only the public source code.

    The paid version is more feature-rich and superior. It accesses and scans internal files and folders.

    The good thing about Astra security is a multipurpose tool. With a single click, you can execute a complete website security audit.

    A website scanning process can flag vulnerabilities such as;

    • Malicious script codes.
    • Malware infected external dependencies
    • Phishing scripts
    • Background cryptocurrency miners
  7. Virus Total
  8. Virus total offers websites' URL scanning services. It flags suspicious codes and malware in the referenced website. The comparison is made against more than sixty security engines making the scan very useful.

    You can also use Virus Total to scan your local files for malicious codes. It is one of the most effective and robust tools.

  9. Rescan

    Rescan determines the safety of a site based on its page’s behavioural characteristics. The scan results on both static and dynamic pages determine the status report of the scanner. The checks are carried out to identify characteristic like;

    • Are there hidden redirection links on the site?
    • Presence of spyware, adware and risky widgets.
    • Presence of Blackhat SEO spam links
  10. Foregenix Website Scanner
  11. This Foregenix website malware tool aims at safeguarding the medium-sized to complex eCommerce websites against hacking. It monitors millions of websites online and notifies the owners whenever their sites are breached or vulnerable.

    The threat intelligence team ensures that the scanner is updated to detect new attacks, malware and exploits.

What is Website Scanning?

Website scanning is a process of searching your website for all types of malware. Website malware scanners do the scanning. The process helps to ensure that your site is free from malware infections and protected against attacks. If a malicious or harmful threat is detected during scanning, they alert you for immediate action.

The website scanners target security issues such as;

Benefits of Website Malware Scanning

  1. Boosts site speed
  2. Boosts SEO ranking
  3. Build visitor confidence
  4. 24/7 website protection
  5. Updates Notifications
  6. Peace of mind

Boosts site speed

Website scanning helps to maintain website uptime and increase its efficiency. A malware-infected site tends to be extremely slow. At worst-case scenarios, the site can even crash.

Boosts SEO ranking

Presence of malware on your site can affect your SEO ranking negatively. They can even lead to your website blacklisting or your site being flagged as a malicious site hence barring visitors’ access. Malware scanners help detect and eliminate such contents and links from your site.

Build visitor confidence

Presence of security seals on your website leads to visitor trust on your site. Presence of visible security components leads to visitors’ comfort when accessing your site. They are relaxed and without apprehension that they may be invaded by malware.

24/7 website protection

Most of the website malware scanners keep around the clock website surveillance. Therefore, they ensure that your website is safe and under protection. Any detected security issues are addressed and immediately prompted for an action. This ensures that there are no security surprises that you can encounter on your site.

Updates Notifications

Malware scanners help maintain an updated system. In case there are outdated components on your system, you receive instant notification. When a security update is necessary, you are prompted to update followed by email reminders.

This way, you can keep your website clean and protected.

Peace of mind

The knowledge that your website security is up to date; hence impenetrable brings untold peace. With automated malware scanners on your website, you can relax pretty sure that in case of threat detection, you’re notified. You don’t have to physically monitor or perform manual security checks on your website.