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Cybercriminal work around the clock to figure out new ways of getting into your computer system. Many people have installed antivirus software to prevent system corruption. However, with the rise of malware attacks, antivirus software may not be enough.

Businesses and institutions have suffered crippling malware attacks over the years. Cybercriminals use new ploys such as new extensions to capitalize on defects in old computer systems.

Another favorite tactic is the use of auto-updating links fixed in malicious emails. Opening these links exposes your system to corruption immediately.

What is Website Scanning?

Website scanning involves searching your website for malicious software and other malware. Website malware scanners help to keep your site clean and protected. They alert you immediately they detect harmful threats and facilitate the removal of the same.

Website Malware Scanner

A website scanner checks your computer system for issues such as the following:

Ultimately, a website scanner patrols your site looking for any signs of trouble. Once it detects a threat, it lets you know immediately and assists with the elimination. You can access a free website malware scanner on the internet.

Benefits of Website Malware Scanner

Everybody wants to have their data safe in their computer systems. Whether for business, work, or personal reasons, the thought of someone tinkering around in your system is very unnerving. A good website scanner is, therefore, a welcome relief. It comes with the following benefits:

  1. Helps to Boost Site Speed
  2. Peace of Mind
  3. Boosts Search Engine Optimization
  4. Maintains Visitor Confidence
  5. Prompt Alerts and Updates
  6. Around the Clock Protection
  1. Helps to Boost Site Speed
  2. Malware can slow your site down. Even worse, it can cause your site to freeze or crash. It may also interfere with your website’s appearance. A website scanner ensures that your site is regularly maintained to keep your uptime steady.

  3. Peace of Mind
  4. The assurance that your site is protected around the clock gives you peace of mind. An automated website scanner allows you to relax as you will be alerted any time a threat is detected.

  5. Boosts Search Engine Optimization
  6. Malicious links on your site can seriously compromise your SEO. Even worse, they can flag your website as spam or malware thus barring user access to the site. Website scanning helps to keep your site protected from such links.

  7. Maintains Visitor Confidence
  8. Visitors will be relieved to find that your site is protected. A competent web security provider includes a security badge that is visible to your visitors. They can browse your website without feeling apprehensive about possible malware.

  9. Prompt Alerts and Updates
  10. Malware scanners provide regular updates and let you know via automated email alerts. Also, they let you know the moment they detect a threat. Hence, you can immediately eliminate the suspected malware and keep your website clean.

  11. Around the Clock Protection
  12. Most malware scanners work around the clock to keep websites clean and protected. Therefore, you are not concerned about finding a nasty surprise when you log on in the morning. Any suspicious activity will be brought to your attention promptly.


Website malware scanners help to boost security. Anything that will evade your antivirus software may be caught by the website scanner. You can relax knowing that your computer system as well as your website is adequately protected from the sneaky cybercriminals.

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