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Websites have faced off with malicious software and hackers for years. Every day, a new malware sample is sent out by hackers to prowl the internet for weak and vulnerable websites to infect.

Many small businesses, who do not think hackers have any reason to target their website often find themselves falling victim to these malware infections.

With Webinspector website scanner in the below link analyze your website source code and get notified on all forms of malware attacks and keep hackers away.

For these small businesses, once their websites are up and they are getting visibility and customers through them, they no longer go back to them for regular maintenance. One vital aspect of website maintenance that these businesses lack is website scanning.

Website scanner

What is a Website Scanner?

Simply, website scanning is a process that allows website owners to see and know the status of their websites. It allows website owners to carry out checks on their websites for the presence of vulnerabilities that would leave the website open to threats and malware that could have already infected the website.

There are numerous website scanning service providers. Some are available for free while others are premium services. Whether you pay for them or get them free, it is important that as a business owner, you carry out regular website scans on your site.

Website scanning gives you the peace of mind, knowing that you, your website and your website visitors are safe from malware attacks.

Safe websites, have a good online reputation with search engines and are more trusted by their visitors. On the other hand, insecure websites are marked by search engines and have less visitors as every time they click on them, they get a warning that the website is not secure.

Malware infected websites can also be blacklisted by search engines which can lead them to be unavailable on the internet. This could lead to financial loss in the business and loss of trust from customers.

How do I check a website for viruses?

As a website owner, if you use your website to make money, you are at a risk of losing money and even closing down your business if you do not have an answer to this question. Knowing how to check a website for viruses is essential for every website owner.

Website visitors also need to be aware of how to check for websites that could be infected with viruses.

For business owners, the website scanner is their best tool. The website scanner that you choose, analyzes your website’s source code for any malware that could have infected it. In addition to the code, the scanner, scans your web content to confirm that there isn’t any malicious content such as links and spam that could expose your website and your website visitors to malware attacks.

As a website visitor, here are a few ways to check a website for viruses.

Check for a HTTPS sign on the URL

Ensure that every website you visit is HTTP secured. Google marks all the websites without the HTTPS protocols as unsafe. As such you will be protected from accessing a website that may cause your computer to get infected with malware.

Website owners should consider applying for the HTTPS certificate on their website to ensure website safety.

Confirm URLs before clicking on them

When you hover your mouse over URLs, make sure that they indicate their final destination. In this way, you will not activate a malicious link.

Does the website have a privacy policy?

Check for a privacy policy on any websites that you visit. This is a sign that the website is secure and that its owners are intent on following the law.

Learn how to spot signs of an unsafe website

Many websites that are not safe can be easily identified by just a glance. Some of the signs of an unsafe website include, numerous flashy redirecting ads that don’t move as you scroll down the page, lots of spam links and pop-ups.

Website Scanner and Benefits

Available for free

As a website owner, you do not have a reason not to check the security status of your website. For many website owners, they will think that such a service could be an expensive endeavor yet they are not making money from their website.

Website scanning tools are available for free. Therefore, there is no excuse to have an infected website.


Website scanning is fast. It is often completed in a few minutes. Once you paste your website URL on the scanning tool, it will scour source your website source code and content and provide a report of its assessment within a few minutes.

After the assessment, the tool can then go ahead and eliminate all risks and threats that are exposing your website to the risk of malware infection.

Secure visitor information

This is an integral aspect of website security. When websites are attacked, one of the things that hackers are looking for is visitor information; usernames and passwords. This information is used to steal user's identity and hackers can then go ahead and use these identities to commit crime and other harmful things.

Protect the website database

Website scanners identify SQL queries in the code that can lead to penetration of the website database. When the website database is compromised, the website can easily be compromised and even wiped of the internet.


For every website owner, the use of a website scanner is essential. It ensures that the website is safe from hackers and that the its visitors feel safe and welcome there. Website scanners offer essential free services that websites owners can take advantage of to protect their online assets.