Website Monitoring

What is Website Monitoring?

Website monitoring is the process of evaluating the web performance and visitor/user interaction with the website or web applications.

Monitoring website provides the website owners the ability to monitor their sites (continuously, 24/7), the number of user visits, click-through rates, form submissions, links, and other activities from known or anonymous visitors.

Website performance monitoring services are used by large business units to ensure customers can access all the online web applications and perform click-throughs and link actions necessary to complete searches or access information.

Generally, large companies prefer website monitoring agents to take care of services such as regular monitoring, global test server checks, response-time monitoring, historical data compilation, SMS and email alerts in case of an outage, reliability, and other reports (optional).

Website Monitoring

Choose A Website Monitoring Service That Fits For Your Website:

Choosing a Website Monitoring service for your website is essential as it helps you to respond quickly when your website goes offline, or to check the performance of your site or maintain your online reputation.

Some website performance monitoring tools integrate well with specific web hosting platforms such as WordPress, while tools to monitor website come as external tools that can you can use on any website.

Best Website Monitoring Features

When choosing a website performance monitoring tool, you need to consider certain things like:


Some tools to monitor website will charge you on a monthly basis, while others charge on a per year, or a one-time usage basis. There are also free site monitoring tools which are basic versions of premium ones.

Type of Assessments

Each website monitoring tool offers different testing procedures. The number and range of those tests vary from one tool to the another. Freemium site monitoring tools provide a basic check, while the Pro versions offer the ability to track multiple backend responses, links, and more.

Frequency of Tests

Similar to the types of tests offered, the frequency of those tests also differ from one tool to the another. The variation of the tests could be anything from every minute to every hour or a certain number of times per day.

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