Website Security Check

What is Website Security Check?

Website Security Check is essential to check and monitor your site for any security vulnerabilities regularly.

Do you have a website? If so, how important is your website for you or your business? Is your website highly informative to family and friends, or is it an essential part of your business?

What would happen if your site or your web applications gets compromised? Web security threats are real. You may not realize the real danger of web security threats, but there are hackers on the Internet who want to damage, exploit, or deface your website.

Website Security Check

Website Security Check Basics

Website security is a broad term that encompasses many aspects. These include protection from computer malware such as viruses, spyware, adware, keyloggers, phishing spam, social engineering attacks. These threats and attacks are designed to force the user to make irrational decisions and hack the website thereby damaging the brand value of the organization.

Importance of Website Security Check

One can not underestimate the importance of website security check. A malware attack may make your office or home computer system inoperable. You may even lose private or sensitive data in the process which cannot be recovered.

Imagine losing a crucial office document or some treasured photos of friends and family. Spywares, adware, malicious cookie and keyloggers may track your internet usage and steal personal information like credit card details and passwords from your computer system. Hacking, spoofing and phishing emails may do the same. To be in a better position to defend against these attacks, make sure to have a website security check in place.

To safeguard your website against cyber threats, you need to take appropriate security site online measures on each website component. To protect your operating system or software, you can follow the security practices provided by the OEM vendors. It is also critical for you to configure the settings properly and apply security patches on time.

What is Comodo Web Inspector?

In today's cyber threat landscape and ever-evolving cyber attacks, protecting your corporate network from hacking and malware attacks is not an easy task. With the corporate network being one of the business-critical infrastructures, you need to take every precautionary step possible to ensure the normal functioning of the corporate network.

The corporate network has many issues such as malware attacks that is prevailing even today. WannaCry ransomware attack which had cripple over two lakh computers in over 150 countries is a stark example of the scale of damage caused by malware.

Comodo Web Inspector is a free cloud-based online website security checking tool. It will help you to scan your website for malware, other malicious code, vulnerability exploits, and other suspicious activities.

It is one of the most feature-rich free online malware scanner tools giving you an in-depth report on the external links, iFrames, potentially suspicious files, Injected SPAM, Worms, Backdoors, Heuristic Viruses, Phishing, Drive-by-Downloads, referenced domains, and blacklisting status.

Comodo Web Inspector is the best online website security software to scan a website for malware. It can check your website for malware and remove threats within minutes. With its powerful cloud-based malware scanning, Dynamic page analysis, Signature-based detection, Buffer overflow detection and Heuristic detection techniques, Comodo Web Inspector can detect even the potent security threats to your site.

Web Inspector Features and Benefits

Comodo Web Inspector comes with some top-notch technologies to detect malware and security features on your site. The following are some of the key features of Comodo Web Inspector.

Daily Malware Scanning (24*7)

Comodo Web Inspector monitors your website every day for potential malware attacks and vulnerabilities. You will be notified if there is a security issues problem.

No Downloads and No Complicated Setup

Comodo Web Inspector is a very effective Cloud-based website vulnerabilities detection service. You don't have to download additional software for using Comodo Web Inspector.

PCI Scanning

Comodo Web Inspector ensures your website is PCI compliant. It will give you the flexibility to schedule PCI compliance scans as per your need.

Database Security

Comodo Web Inspector ensures that the security of website databases. Hackers are constantly attempting to infect websites through SQL injection techniques. This will not only give them unauthorized access to sensitive customer information but also spoils the name of the business or company.

How Comodo Web Inspector Works?

When speaking about website security, there are two important questions concerning what to spend on IT security. The first question is: How much should I expect to spend on website security? The second question is: How much will it cost the organization if I don't spend enough on website security?

In today's digital world, the issues of web security have come to the forefront as website hackers, and malware attacks grow globally. When looking at the software security, you must consider the potential company losses due to online theft, the return on investment for having adequate security, and the need to stay ahead of the hackers.

Comodo Web Inspector uses advanced malware detection technologies such as the cloud-based malware scanning, Dynamic page analysis, Signature-based detection, Buffer overflow detection and Heuristic detection techniques to identify viruses and other malicious code on a web page. It is a cloud-based malware detection service that can detect website security threats and attacks on a regular basis.

Perform Your Website Security Check Using Comodo Web Inspector

Get your website checked absolutely free of cost. Comodo Web Inspector will complete the scanning process in 3 simple steps Submit Your Site!

You might have put in so much of your time and effort on your website (and your brand), so you need to exercise caution when it comes to website security. Use Comodo Web Inspector to scan your site for any perimeter vulnerabilities.

Simply enter your website domain and start scanning your website for any potential threats. Thanks to its advanced threat detection capabilities along with static and dynamic machine learning-based signatures, Comodo Web Inspector can detect even the most tricky malware and vulnerabilities which are hard to detect with other free malware scanners.

The website malware removal process is fairly simple with Comodo web inspector tool:

  • Go to
  • Enter your website address on the search box
  • Click on the "Start the Scan" button
  • In a few minutes, your website's vulnerability report will be displayed

Once the web inspector completes the scanning process on your website, you can choose to receive our optional protection for $9.90 (only if you want to)

No Obligation, No Credit Card, No Questions Asked. Simple As That!

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