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Website Malware Scanning Tools

Online attacks are becoming more common these days. Especially, websites that deal with a lot of online transactions and confidential data are prime targets of attacks. Online fraudsters exploit the grey areas on the website and the defense systems to intrude and make their personal gains out of it. Therefore, it is mandatory to stay protected with the right set of tools. Your website acts as the medium of communication and becomes the brand identity from the moment it goes online, therefore it is advisable to perform regular checks. In simple, a website security check is a matter of grave importance to any organization!

Organizations that compromise on website security check put their reputation at stake. The wise arrangement is to check on the website security on a regular basis to identify the grey areas where a hacker can easily bypass restrictions. An online website malware scanner will reveal the truth concerning the current situation. In this blog, we discuss how to scan and check your website to protect it from all types of malware.

Free Website Malware Scanner

Over the years, the hacker has advanced a lot in terms of developing deceiving malicious programs. In order to play it safe and to prevent from being victimized, the best way to perfectly measure how secure a website is by running a website malware scan. This helps in spotting the weakness and security holes that need to be rectified without any further delays. Usually, any website for the matter is performed the security scan before it goes live or possibly soon after the launch. Never skip the security scan because that can cause a lot of damage.

Web Inspector incorporates next-generation scanning and monitoring technology that operates as Software as a Service (SaaS). It packs malware and vulnerability scans into a single website scanner. The website malware scanner is developed to trigger events in a user’s browser, while the server-side scanner is designed to look for malware that is not visible on the browser end.

Comodo Website Malware Scanner Features

The Comodo Web Inspector scan is easy to run, start by keying the website address in the search box. The website malware scanner will automatically run thorough checks on essential areas that online criminals look for compromising on your website. Once you gain the insights into the vulnerabilities of your website you can decide on the corrective procedures required.

Best Website Malware scanner by Web Inspector

Comodo Web Inspector is a compelling website malware scanner that is adequate enough to check on all the vulnerable areas that a cybercriminal would use to break into your system. It offers the best-in-class malware and blacklist monitoring service for all kinds of websites.

Web Inspector Features

  • The website security check is automatic
  • The scan is performed on all web pages
  • Includes daily Internet blacklist checks
  • The website owner is intimated immediately through email if malware is discovered
  • Generates reports
  • Provides threat mitigation advice

Comodo Web Inspector Fixes Websites For Free

Comodo Web Inspector provides businesses with free website malware scan and removal service. It is completely free!

Simply fill out the fields on the webpage such as personal details (name, email & phone number) along with your website address, and Comodo Web Inspector will run a web site malware scan and vulnerability scan. The Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) analysts will fix the website for free!

Website Malware Scanner

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