Top 3 Website Malware Removal Software for 2019

Top 3 Website Malware Removal Tools 2019

With the growing number of threats in the cybersecurity landscape, there is the constant worry about website security and how to check website security check online. This is where the need for free website security check tools becomes a matter of concern.

Such fears can be easily eliminated by installing Web Inspector, a top website security check software. Web Inspector is capable of easily detecting whether a website you intend to visit contains security vulnerabilities that can infect your system. The most notable feature of Web Inspector is that it offers a basic website security check as a complimentary service without any obligation.

People are now becoming increasingly dependent on technology, and accessibility to a company’s digital presence also becomes more and more important. This accessibility is threatened by faulty website security. Infecting just a single website target can result in millions of unsuspecting visitors becoming victims. Hence, the very first step in protecting a website is to run a website security check with a tool like Web Inspector in order to detect the presence of any malware infections. It is also essential to implement a proactive approach in security with a solution that will protect against hackers, cyber threats, and viruses.

A website can get hacked or infected for several different reasons and some of the traditional techniques include:

• SEO Spam
• Malware
• Misconfiguration
• Brute Force
• Backdoor
• Defacement
• Phishing
• Vulnerable code
• Vulnerable plugin/extension

Website owners can prevent security breaches and/or imminent attacks on their websites by first securing their business with the help of the best website malware removal software. A website malware removal tool will help in regularly scanning your website in order to search for any malicious activities. After it picks them out within the layers, it sends alerts to the security experts, who then instantly initiate investigations in order to resolve the issue without harming a business.

Here are the top three website malware removal tools that will help protect your website and your online business-related activities:

1. Comodo Web Inspector

The Web Inspector from Comodo is a powerful malware and blacklist monitoring service ideal for websites. If malware is detected or if the website is found on any one of the different website blacklisting services, then the account owner is instantly notified through email. This early warning system saves thousands of website owners every year from the potentially disastrous effects of seeing their website blacklisted. Web Inspector is also available with a fully-fledged PCI Scan Compliance solution powered by HackerGuardian technology.


• Blacklist Monitoring

The best website becomes useless if it cannot be reached. If your website is added to a “blacklist”, search engines will stop crawling your website and could even block it completely. This feature enables checking every major search engine and blacklisting service such as Google. If a problem is identified, you will be instantly notified.

• Instant Threat Notifications

Web Inspector understands the fact that time and money is important and hence if it detects any vulnerabilities or malware, it delivers instant notifications to you via email in order to keep your website safe.

• Regular Malware Scanning

Every time Web Inspector performs a website scan to ensure website security, it focuses on ensuring that no known malware or viruses have been injected. This indeed prevents hackers from distributing virus infected software to website visitors and customers.

• No Download Website Malware Cleanup

Web Inspector is considered to be a simple and easy way to use internet “Cloud Service” that permits you to do everything from your browser. Thus, making setup and maintenance easy.

• PCI Scanning

All businesses involved in storing, processing, or transmitting payment cardholder data, will have to be PCI compliant. Web Inspector is considered to be the only product capable of checking your website security and providing a dedicated dashboard for vulnerability scanning and PCI compliance, an extremely essential feature that will help avoid any fines or penalties.

2. Sucuri

Sucuri supplies website security tools for a variety of customers, including enterprises, for which custom configurations with improved features like customized service level agreements, NBIMS, and professional integration to existing security systems are available. The malware scanning service checks for errors, bugs, and malicious files. SUCURI helps to clean the hacked website including the following.

• Defacement
• SEO Spam
• Backdoors
• Google warning
• Google blacklist
• Phishing
• Malicious redirects
• Malware injections

3. Wordfence

Wordfence helps you to clean and restore Joomla or WordPress website quickly. It is available with a WordPress plugin installed by more than one million active users and offers services like a checklist with proactive points on prevention of future attacks, a detailed report on the investigation and removal, and cleaning and restoring of your website. Wordfence also gives an indication of how attackers go to your website. In the cleaning service, Wordfence performs functions like:

• Clean and restore the affected website
• Investigation how attackers got into your website
• Detailed report of the investigation and removal
• Actionable checklist for future attacks prevention

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