How To Remove Website Malware?

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How To Remove Website Malware?


Malware is a portmanteau coined from the words “malicious” and “software.” In the case of a website malware attack, malicious programs are created to steal personal information or cause the website performance to deteriorate. Website malware is hard to detect and it is recommended that website owners perform regular website scans to stay safe. But if a site is compromised, it requires website malware removal.Read this article to get a complete overview on How To Remove Website Malware

Website Malware

In the past, online fraudsters would use malware to deface websites, but today they prominently use it to steal funds or confidential information. Cybercriminals upload their malware onto a website using multiple techniques, including disguised plugins, misconfiguration, phishing, defacement, backdoor, brute force, SEO spam, vulnerable code, etc.

Tips to remove website malware

Every day, hackers look for loopholes in websites to exploit. These cybercriminals are highly skilled and it requires significant technical knowledge to combat them. As a website owner, you will want to follow security best practices for password protection, form filling, and security updates, but you also should use a premium scanning service like the Comodo Cybersecurity Web Inspector.

The Comodo Cybersecurity Web Inspector is cloud-based website scanning software which runs comprehensive scans and provides a detailed report on the type of any infection it finds, holes in the existing security system, areas for improvement and website blacklisting status.

If a website is found to be blacklisted, it instantaneously warns the website owner.

How To Remove Website Malware with Web Inspector

The Comodo Cybersecurity Web Inspector effectively detects malicious code on a web page/website using a variety of technologies, including signature-based detection, buffer overflow detection, dynamic page analysis, and heuristic detection techniques, and then removes any website malware that it finds.Here are few easy tips to remove website malware instantly

Steps on How To Remove Website Malware

The complete website security solution provides early detection, immediate remediation, and active prevention. The three-step approach helps you easily detect the presence of malware on a website.

1. Enter the website address
3. Within minutes, you will receive your website vulnerability report

This quick scan will reveal if malware removal is required.

Learn how to remove website malware with Comodo Webinspector

Website Malware Scanner
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