Website Malware Detection 

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Website Malware Detection

There is nothing as shattering in business as having your website infected with malware. The recovery process would be a nightmare especially because it is so difficult to regain your customers’ trust. It could easily mean spending colossal amounts of money to restructure.
Website malware detection and elimination is no walk in the park. However, it must be done because if left unchecked, it could ruin your website and by extension, your business. Naturally, it pays to have website security experts working on the issue for the best results.

Four Website Malware Detection Techniques

Luckily, these four malware detection techniques are adequate for the elimination of suspect software in your website.

1. Review Your Source Code 
You should analyze your source code if it looks like your website has been infiltrated by malware. The website hosting company will provide an administrative tool that that allows you to scan and inspect check your site for virulent codes.
A huge giveaway is an unfamiliar code that can open an unwanted page. Look out for Iframes that are set to ‘hidden’ or ‘none’ status.

2. Check Your Files Manually

The files that most hackers target include .php and media files. It may take time go through the files manually, one by one. However, if there is any suspicious activity, you are most likely to catch it using this detection method.

3. Use a Website Malware Scanner
An easy way of uncovering malware on your website is by using a website malware scanner. This one automatically scans your site looking for any signs of trouble. It will quickly fish out malicious software such as SEO spam, malvertising, infected popups, malware, and phishing URLS.
A search on the internet will produce several free website malware scanners that you can use on your site. Many of them offer free website malware removal services. You can find a free website malware scanner on the internet to scan your website. It is imperative that you prevent your website from being blacklisted.

4. Website Security Software 
Website Security Software is the best tool for Website Malware detection. It pulls double duty on your site in that:

  • It scans your website for malware
  • It eliminates the malware when it finds it

To keep a safe, malware-free website, use this website security tool as it provides malware protection. Hence, aside from facilitating website malware removal and detection, it ensures your site is clean and safe for your customers.
Also, website security software comes with an automated website backup. Should you run into problems with your website and it crashes, the automated backup ensures your content is quickly recovered.
With the above mentioned malware detection techniques, you can spot and eliminate malware from your website in no time. However, this may turn out to be a technical process that you are not equipped to handle. Let the experts handle it for you so that you can get back to running your business with no worries.
Your website’s reputation is very crucial to your business operations and credibility. Malware interfere with your search engine rankings making it difficult for user to find you. Also, your website could be blacklisted if found to be infected.

How Can Webinspector Help?
Webinspector is recommended for expected and fast website malware detection. Here is how we will help:

5. Scanning Your Website to Detect Malware

Websinspector will scan your website for malware, hacks. We will also provide continuous website monitoring complete with alerts and daily updates. Our top-notch website malware scanner will strive to secure your website.

6. Using Website Malware Scanner
Webinspector’s advanced tools include website malware scanner which detects malware and potential attacks long before they happen. With regular monitoring of your website as well as server, your site’s data traffic is observed.

7. SSL Certificate Monitoring

With SSL Certificate Monitoring, we can detect if any changes are made to your website’s SSL certificate (HTTPS). If this happens, we will provide immediate alerts to allow you to take action.

8. Website Server-Side Scanner
We inspect all files on your server for any signs of trouble quickly detecting malware, Phishing pages, backdoors, DDoS scripts and more.

9. SEO Spam Scanner
Webinspector also scans your site in search SEO Spam keywords and link injections which can harm your brand. We discover SEO Spam before the search engines catch on and boost your SEO ranking.

10. Checking for Blacklist Status
Blacklisting causes websites to lose a huge chunk of traffic. Your site can lose as much as 95% of traffic if blacklisted. This scanner checks for any security warnings attached to your website.

11. Website Uptime Monitoring
Websites often go down and become inaccessible to visitors. We can tell you if this happens so that you can act on the issue immediately.

12. DNS Monitoring
We will notice any changes to your website’s domain system settings and send out an alert immediately.
Ultimately, Webinspector is your customized security team. We work for you 24/7 to ensure that your website is clean and safe.

To prevent running into serious problems on your website, incorporate website malware detection. Avoid getting blacklisted which can ruin your website’s hard earned reputation. Do not delay malware detection and risk ruining the website you worked so hard to build.

Website Malware Scanner

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