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Website Malware Removal Tool

Free Website Malware Removal Tool

In today’s digitally-connected world, there are many new incidents of leaking personal information over the Internet. Hackers steal highly sensitive information such as credit card details, passwords, or even top secret classified government data. One of the primary reasons for this is the lack of security.

Usually, cybercriminals target large enterprises for website malware attacks, but it is the small business websites that run the highest risk of being hacked. This is because small companies often don’t invest as much in securing their websites and IT infrastructure as large enterprises would.Get Free Website Malware Removal Tool and remove all infectious files and codes that are used by hackers

By the time you start noticing the hacks, your website visitors would have also started seeing danger warnings from search engines and browsers.

Now that is too late, as your website would have already been blacklisted by then. You may have to take immediate actions like cleaning all the infected links, restoring the web server, and updating your content management software.

Even after all those measures, there’s no guarantee that your site will be restored back to the normal position in search engines. What’s the best way to tackle this? As always, prevention is better than cure.

Waste no time and improve your website security by using a website malware removal tool. When speaking about the issue of website security, there are two important questions concerning what to spend on website security.

The first question is: How much should I expect to spend on website security? The second question is: How much will it cost the organization if I don’t spend enough on website security?

In today’s digital world, the issues of website security have come to the forefront as website hackers, and malware attacks grow globally. When looking at the website security, you must consider the potential losses to the company due to online theft, the return on investment for having adequate website security, and the need to stay ahead of the hackers.

How to remove Malware

Cybercriminals are releasing new and dangerous malware every day. The primary motive for them can vary and range from simply disturbing the web user to outright criminal activity. Websites infected with malware may inadvertently distribute viruses, Trojans, spyware and other types of malware.

Consequently, these websites become blacklisted by major search engines such as Google and Bing. Search engines will also alert the users that the site is infected or dangerous, driving potential visitors and customers away from the site.

Website malware is getting more and more sophisticated these days. Employing a website malware removal and cleanup service will ensure protection against website malware.

There are many free website malware removal tools, but Comodo web inspector tool stands out from others. The website malware removal process is fairly simple with Comodo web inspector tool:

  • Go to
  • Enter your website address on the search box
  • Click on the “Start The Scan” button

In a few minutes, your website’s vulnerability report will be displayed. Try Comodo web inspector and see the results for yourself.

You need to exercise caution when IT infrastructure as large enterprises would.
it comes to your website security as any compromise on it will adversely affect your business. Use Comodo web inspector tool to scan your site for any perimeter vulnerabilities and remove hidden malware.

Comodo Website Malware Removal tool and features

  1. Instant Notification of Issues
  2. Regular Automatic Malware Scanning
  3. Blacklist Monitoring
  4. Scanning for Retail Websites
  5. Cloud Scanning and Web-based User Interface
  6. Proactive Defense against Malware Attacks
  7. Complimentary PCI Approved
  8. Comodo Trust Seal Display

Get Webinspector Free Website Malware Removal Tool, click the scan now button

Website Malware Scanner

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