Web Security Scan

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Web Security Scan

Even though cybersecurity threats such as defacing of corporate websites are common, these days, hackers are more interested in gaining access to important data in your database server. This is because there is more money in selling stolen cyber data for hackers. This is why it has become increasingly important for organizations and businesses to invest in cybersecurity protocols such as website malware scanner tools to protect company data and client information. The cost of not investing enough in cybersecurity can be detrimental to your business. Cwatch web security scan is an automated tool that ensures complete website security with regular website scanning

Common outcomes of not investing in cybersecurity include:


  • Loss of confidence with your business. This affects the reputation of your company and harms your brand.
  • Losses incurred from false transactions
  • Website inactivity which affects the access to your business
  • Legal battles due to web application attacks.

Generally, hackers attempt to gain access to your database through two main routes:


  • Database and web servers
  • Web applications

By protecting these routes, you will ensure you protect your website and valuable company information.

Protecting your website with website malware scanner 

The best way to protect your website from attacks is by using web security scanning tools. With so many options in the market, it is difficult to determine which one best meets your needs. Here is how to choose the best website malware removal program.
The first thing you need to do is understand your website protection needs as these vary from one business to another. Also, it is essential to consider the web security scan feature of the Website Malware scanner, as this is what you will use to scan for malware.

Web security scan features

If you are looking for a web security scanning tool after your website has been vandalized, it is easy to determine the best tool for your needs. This is because the vulnerabilities are clear. However, finding the right tool when your website is still up and running is a different ballgame. Here are essential questions to consider when choosing the right Web security scan program for your needs.


Web security scan checklist

  • Are URL rewrites used?
  • Is your web application developed using .NET, PHP, or Java?
  • Does your site ask for authentication?
  • Does the web app use anti-forgery tokens?
  • Do you need team collaboration features?
  • How many applications do you need to monitor?
  • Do you need rapid scalability?
  • Do you need API access?
  • What type of reporting feature do you need?
  • Do you need a website malware scanner that is automatically maintained or updated?

Check the features of the web security scan tool 

Even when you need limited tool features, it is always important to get more than you need. This is the best way to ensure you get 360-degree protection at all times. Sometimes, your website needs more than you think it does. When checking for features in your website malware removal tool, ensure it offers what you need for your site and other added features. Having a website malware scanner with added features is the best way to ensure your website is protected from any new threats.

Web security scan functionalities 

The key to ensuring your web security scan tool is working as it should is to assess the functionality of the program. This also reveals areas where human input may be required for better service delivery. It is important to understand that the web security scan tool is not meant to replace other pre-attach measures in place, but is intended to make the process more efficient. It is also vital to conduct human auditing and testing of a website malware removal tool.

Some of the functions to expect in the best scanner include: 

Ease of use – always ensure the website malware scanner is easy to use. This is the best way to ensure you can use the tool to perform complete scans on your website.
Minimal impact on the productivity of the business –the best web security scan tool should not affect the normal running of your website. It should perform in the background to protect data and enhance the user experience.
Threat detecting and response –  the best website malware removal tool should be able to detect threats before they become a problem. It should also be highly responsive to scans.
Reporting capabilities – an excellent performance website malware scanner should provide an extensive report on the activities and performance of your website. This reduces false negatives and prepares your security measures better for any future attacks.

cWatch Web security scan

This is a web security scan tool that offers numerous features for businesses. It combines a web application firewall (WAF) that is provisioned over CDN (Secure Content Delivery Network). This is a highly capable website security tool that offers round the clock availability and protection. A team of cybersecurity professional manages it in a well equipped SCOC (Cyber Security Operation Center). This program is powered by SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). It leverages data from more than 80 million endpoints to detect and mitigate web application threats before they happen.

Acunetix web security tool 

This is a web security tool that works by automatically checking for website vulnerabilities such as site scripting, SQL injection and others. It also checks for password strengths, audits shopping carts and forms, and also checks dynamic content and other web applications. Once the scan is complete, the scanning tool will give a detailed report to show vulnerabilities if any.

Website Malware Scanner

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