Website Vulnerability Scanner

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Website Vulnerability Scanner

A website vulnerability scanner, also referred to as a website malware scanner is an automated website security tool for scanning web applications for vulnerabilities. These scanning tools use black-box tests that launch external attacks on your website to show where weaknesses are. These simulated attacks scan for different vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, Cross-site scripting, Path Transversal, Command injection, and insecure server configurations.

Website vulnerability scanners are categorized under Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST). They are available either as open-source or commercial website scanners, all designed to work differently to achieve the same goal. Overall, all website vulnerability scanners work to lower the cost of security, automate security tasks, and increase security coverage.

Examples of website vulnerability scanners

Pentest-tools website malware scanner

This is a custom Website Malware removal tool designed to assess web applications security quickly. It is an all-rounded application with the ability to perform a comprehensive assessment and block any malicious attacks on any web application.

With this website vulnerability scanner, you can opt for the free scanning version that offers the light scan. If you prefer a more detailed scanning process, you will need to upgrade to the paid version.

The scans performed include:

  • Fingerprint webserver software
  • Check HTTP cookies security
  • Check for misconfigurations in HTTP headers.
  • Analyze the server SSL certificate
  • Analyze interesting URLs in robots .txt
  • Check for availability and access files and whether they contain a wildcard entry
  • Look for server configuration problems like a directory listing

Additional service available in the paid version includes:

  • Website crawling
  • SQL injection checks
  • Checking for cross-site scripting
  • Checking for OS command injection
  • Checking for local and remote file inclusion
  • Checking for outdated JavaScript libraries
  • Finding administrative pages
  • Checking for sensitive files in archives, backups. and certificates based on common words and hostnames.
  • Making attempts to locate interesting functionality/files
  • Checking for information disclosure issues.

The light scan is passive and only generates a maximum of 20 HTTP server requests while the full scan sends more than 10,000 HTTP requests. This process may trigger alarms in IDS devices. It is important to note that the full scan can take a bit of time since it needs to complete a comprehensive website scan. This tool scans the targeted application as an authenticated user. The authentications can be either user/password authentication, heard authentication, or cookie authentication.

Acunetix website malware scanner

This is a complete web security testing and website malware removal tool. You can choose to use it as a standalone tool or as part of a more extensive security process. It comes with inbuilt vulnerability assessment and management, among other integration options that include the best software development tools. As one of the best DAST tools, Acunetix is efficient as a physical and virtual malware removal tool.

Acunetix is designed with easy to use integrations. You can easily integrate it into the CI/CD pipeline using other tools with ease. For better vulnerability management, you can use this tool with third-party trackers such as GitLab, Jira, Bugzilla, and others. Acunetix also offers a 2-way integration system that allows the issue tracker to automatically trigger further website scans if need be.

With Acunetix, you can access other security controls and software through the available API, which can either be from third parties or inhouse. Acunetix is continuously improved to ensure it can deliver reliable website vulnerabilities scans.

cWatch website malware removal tool

This is a website vulnerability scanner that operated under the CDN (Content Delivery Network). It includes a free website scanning tool through the Comodo high capacity cloud. This website scanner comes in an excellent design that delivers numerous benefits like ease of deployment and fast response against attacks. The DDOS mitigations feature is specifically designed to fight DDOA attacks that cause website crashing, which renders your website inaccessible.

The cWatch website malware removal tool allows websites to leverage the cWatch CDN for increased performance and better-monitored traffic. This website malware scanner works by discovering and mapping all web applications and devices before executing a complete six-sigma accuracy scan. The scanner then prioritizes the results of any vulnerabilities found and instructions to ensure quick fixing of any threats.

cWatch also comes with a reliable website malware removal feature for malware detection and removal. It will then provide the required tools to remove any malware detected and prevent future attacks.

Netsparker website malware scanner

This is a web vulnerability management solution that focuses on automation, scalability, and integration. It is based on a cutting-edge web vulnerability scanner and uses proprietary proof-based scanning technologies. This is how it is able to identify and remove vulnerabilities to ensure you get accurate results.

Netsparker can be integrated with CI/CD solutions and also issue trackers that use the web application scanner in the SecDecOps/DecSecOps environment while following the best shift-left paradigm practices. This type of approach ensures your website is free from any vulnerabilities and that it is tested early and often. This way, you can save resources and time. Netsparker can also be used in SDLC along with other tools like source code analyzers.

After a successful scan, any of the above website vulnerability scanners will give a detailed report of the scan and recommendations on how to handle any vulnerabilities.

Website Malware Scanner

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