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Website Security Checker

Do You Know – Around 15% of the websites are infected with malware throughout the year. Unprotected websites are a treasure trove for hackers to steal the identity of any website. Organizations find it challenging to protect their websites. Therefore, any website needs a Website Security checker to ensure readiness and stay ahead of unfortunate consequences like security data breach.

Read on to know more about the benefits of using website security checker.

Benefits Of Website Security Checker

Builds trust and reputation

Gaining visitors’ trust is the key to any successful business. Generating user experience, delivering good quality content and appealing design are some factors to influence and enhance visitor trust.

No matter, what you do to build customer trust – security stands the basic key to build trust factor better. Website protection from prying hackers saves your business’ value proportion as businesses rely on customers and a business-customer relationship relies on trust.

Website security checker protects your website from security threats and prevents hacker from hijacking the website traffic.

Regular Protection from Security Vulnerabilities

The best way to stay away from malicious risks is to keep your plugins, software, themes and apps up-to date with latest patch fixes. However, its challenging to stay away from unknown risks – with an effective website checker, you are protected even from the most threatening unknown risks.

Your site is protected while you step back and watch

Website security checker ensures to provide a hassle-free experience. Just let the website security software do the job of providing complete website protection while you sit back and watch on how your website is free of malware attacks.

Improved Site Performance

Website security checker equips website with 360-degree protection even from the most dreadful DDoS attack along with some built-in features to improve your website’s performance.

Website Security Checker Features

Website security Checker would help to proactively terminate any type of attack from entering your website

It is capable to check and monitor the website on a regular basis to spot out any security weaknesses.

It notifies the IT admin if any malware is identified and it provides necessary responsive action to address the issues instantly.

It includes Web Application Firewall (WAF) at all web servers to ensure detection and filtering of hidden malicious website code.
It also ensures an instant method to stay compliant with the required PCI DSS standards.

Most of these tools will also be able to remove any viruses, malware, and other security threats that might be compromising your site. Unless you’re a security expert, finding and removing these is going to be near impossible.

Most of the website security checkers will provide features like:

  • Instant site backups on a regular basis
  • Firewall to protect the website from DDoS attacks, SQL injection attacks and spams.

Deploy a website scanner to therefore regularly scan your site for security issues, terminate any malware, and implement different features to keep your site protected on a consistent basis.

Step by step guide to website security check

A complete website security check can identify the security gaps in your website code and ensures to address the vulnerability to instantly fix even before the hackers try to impose an attack.
Here is how you start

Website Scanner helps to identify the security flaws – while you assume that your website is completely secure. It is important to be aware of the website security status. Read on to know how to check your website’s security and you are unsure on how and where to start.

Plan and prioritize

Understand your priorities prior to run a security test. For instance, you have a shopping website with blog as a webpage and another one that handles payments. And if you find issues in both the pages – prioritize to fix the payment processing page. If you are an agent, ensure to roll out a security report to your customer to guide them and make them understand about the malware infection and to ensure addressing and fixing the same.

Check your website security

Sign up for an effective website security checker tool like Webinspector to access features and to run security scan instantly. Any website security tool would provide deep scan and provide results to enter the security testing phase. It provides a complete report with all the identified security findings. The security findings include a threat score report which is snapshot of your website’s security status which helps the user to understand the number of high, medium, and low severity findings.

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Website Malware Scanner

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