Check If a Website is Safe?

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Check if a Website is Safe

There was a time when online users did not worry about going online to surf the internet but today it is not the same case. The internet is filled with scams and website frauds, it is important to stay away from the attacks and the best approach is to learn how to check if a website is safe.

As a matter of fact, online criminals are waiting for a chance to prey on their victims. Any wrong move by the user can expose their identity and invite trouble.

Social engineering has become one of the easiest ways to deceive users into downloading malware or giving out personal data. One of the usual approaches is to construct a dubious lookalike website which is then used to deceive the user into keying in their login credentials or account info.

Besides capturing user keystrokes, social engineering can also lure the user to an infected website that downloads malware into their computer. Keep reading the below said safety tips which will help to clear away the skepticism. As it will also help you to understand how to check if a website is safe. The below-mentioned points will also help a user to browse safely and better avoid all the online dangers.

Perform Visual Checks

Check the URL 

To begin with, make sure the URL is legit before clicking on the link. Just hover the cursor over it and look at the bottom left corner of the screen, it will show a 1 instead of an l, or .net instead of .com. Check each and every URL before clicking or keying in any personal information. The minor changes are the clue to identifying the fake website.

Check for Https 

The addition of an “S” as in “https” will reveal to the user whether the site is secure or not. The “S” guarantees a secure connection between the website and the browser. In situations where a link safety is undeterminable, it is advisable to avoid entering any personal information.

Safety Tools

Built-in browser tools

Basically, it is important to familiarize with the security tools of your browser. Check for the privacy and security settings as they are laxer. Manually customizing the rules and settings helps to secure the online visits. In the process, you’ll be able to prevent automatic downloads, block popups, and stop tracking. The choices may differ depending on your browser.

Perform online website safety check 

There are numerous online websites checkers to pick from, but we suggest Web Inspector for its balanced approach. These online tools use antivirus scanners and other security solutions to check a website for any threats. Just enter the URL which requires to be scanned into the search bar on the website, and get immediate results.

Comodo Web Inspector 

The Comodo Web Inspector is an excellent solution for any situations as it provides complete protection across devices and OS platforms. With the latest detection technology to identify viruses and malicious code on a web page, Comodo Web Inspector provides complete security against all malware types including zero-day malware.

The Web Inspector also employs advanced technologies such as

  • Dynamic page analysis
  • Signature-based detection
  • Buffer overflow detection
  • Heuristic detection techniques

Besides these benefits, Comodo Web Inspector also monitors for website blacklisting and immediately warns the website owner before the website gets blacklisted.

Comodo Web Inspector offers a robust malware and blacklist monitoring service for websites. Simply scan using the Comodo Web Inspector in 3 easy steps. Type the website address in the space provided, click on the Start Scan and get the website’s vulnerability report in few minutes. Try scanning the website for free today!

Website Malware Scanner

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