How to Remove “This site may harm your computer”

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This Site May Harm Your Computer

“This Site May Harm Your Computer” – sometimes users get to see this warning when they try to visit a particular website. Google displays this warning message, “This Site May Harm Your Computer” when it presumes that the website will allow third-party programs to install malicious software on a computer.

The webmaster of the website can contact Google to have the error message removed. The webmaster will need to raise a request with Google to review their website after aligning to the specified parameters and by fixing all security problems.

How Does Google Warn The Surfers?

Google places a warning flag on the search results page to notify its surfers/users of the risky website or blog. The surfers customarily get redirected to a page that warns, “This site may harm your computer.” The purpose is to help the web surfers to steer clear from potential online dangers. It is for the surfer whether to visit or not to visit that particular page.

Why Google Flags With The Warning Message – “This site may harm your computer.”
The first and foremost reason is that the website might have been hacked and this is the most common reason for Google flagging a website or blog. The targeted websites or blogs are usually hacked and their files are modified and injected with the malicious codes. Besides, one of the backlink or website’s link is reported as a bad link or may contain a malicious code.

The Signs and Symtoms 

On opening the google webmaster tool, it shows the message that “This site may be distributing malware.” A questionable URL points out that the website has the suspicious injected code.

Addressing The “This site may harm your computer” Issue 

Get started by finding the suspected injected code and removing it on the website or blog. After successfully removing the underlying vulnerability that caused it to be compromised, the webmaster needs to raise a request with the Google to review the site.

Overall Thought

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