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Website Checker

Website owners have a lot of things to consider to ensure that their websites remain online and functional. It is important, just like in your house to regularly ensure that everything about your website is in top condition.

This helps protect you as a website owner, your information and your website visitors from malicious hackers prowling the internet for vulnerable websites to infect and destroy.It is therefore pertinent that every website owner knows one effective website checker tool that they use regularly to ensure that everything about their site is fine.

What is a website checker tool?

There are tools for a lot of things online. The website scanner tool could be one of the most important. This is a tool that can tell you how secure your website is from malicious software and hackers. You can also use it to understand how visitors interact with your website, so that you can secure them better. It will also let you know if your website is infected with malware and help you get rid of it and give you insights on how to better prevent further infection. In addition to security, the website checker tool also tests for speed and optimization of the website online.

How does a website checker tool work?

Copy and paste your website URL to the website checker tool 

When you subscribe to a website checker tool, you can copy and paste your URL address to the website checking tool. It will then visit your website as a visitor.


Once the checking tool is on your website, it then goes ahead to scan your website source code to check for any malware.

Malware identification 

During the scan, the website scanner tool will identify any type of malware threats that may have infected your website and let you know. Once identified, it becomes easier to eliminate and protect against any other infection.


After a thorough, through and through website scan, the tool then produces a comprehensive report on the status of your website. It will show you if there are any malware infections, how serious the threats are on your website and even the vulnerabilities through which the malware gets on to your website. The results will also include how well your website is optimized for the internet and your reputation with search engines. The results will also show if there is any content on your website that could be a security threat, this includes links from visitors and those that you could have included in your website content.


When choosing a website tool checker, ensure that you choose one that offers clear recommendations on how to maintain the safety of your website and your visitors.

If there are any threats, the website scanner tool should advise on the best course of action to take to eliminate the threat and to secure your website from further infection of malware.

Why do website owners need the website checker tool? 

Different types of malware threats

Every day, hundreds of thousands of malware samples are created by hackers. You may think that because your website is new or developed with the latest technology, it may not be under threat. However, hackers keep up with all technologies and also update their malware to fight it.

It is therefore important to ensure that you check your website regularly for any threats to the website and to its visitors.

To help improve the site experience

In addition to website protection from security threats, a website checker tool also identifies different aspects of website experience for visitors. This tool can identify slow loading websites which are quite a bother when it comes to visitor experience. Website studies have shown that visitors are likely to abandon a website that takes longer than ten seconds to load. So, in addition to securing your website, you are able to identify ways to attract more visitors and keep them on your website for long.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site checker tool will also help you to get your website well optimized for search engines. This means that your website can be found online by search engines and your visitors too. Proper search engine optimization allows your website to quickly found on the search engine result pages. When your website appears on the first page of search results, you are likely to get more visitors to your website.

Mobile Responsiveness 

With more than half of all internet searches conducted from mobile devices, it is important for websites to be well optimized for mobile device views. A site checker tool can easily and quickly let you know whether your website is properly responsive when accessed via mobile devices.

Why choose the Comodo website checker tool?

Freely available 

First, the Comodo website scanner tool is free to use. The free tool is guaranteed to offer you the best service you need to keep your website safe.


This tool works fast depending on the threats identified and their complexity and that of the websites.

Eliminates identified threats 

With every website check using this tool, you will also get the identified threats removed from your website at the same time.


Website checker tools are important tools for all website owners. It is important that all website owners choose one and use it as regularly as possible to check on the security status of their websites and to also eliminate and secure it against all malware threats.

Website Malware Scanner

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